Knowledge Lab

Project Overview

Knowledge Lab is a project envisioned with a belief in the long term sustainable goals. It aims to implement digitized curriculum in government run schools to reduce disparity for quality education. The idea is to help students of exploited backgrounds get better access to innovative learning through technology.

We have planned to start with 3 government schools in Kathmandu by setting up computer labs using Raspberry Pi System which will help develop rational and analytical learning and teaching practices for students and teachers through digital library. 

The ultimate aim is to implement scratch programming among the students of classes 6-10 to make them more creative and knowledgeable. It will include a range of constructionist purposes from math and science projects, to simulations and visualizations of experiments, recording lectures with animated presentations, social science animated stories, and interactive art and music.

As they grow up, they may get interested to choose their career path in software development and coding. Computer literacy will also be established among the students.

The project outcome will be measured by number of teachers trained, number of students benefitting from the service or by the students  who wish to continue studying programming in the future as a carrier building tool.