Rebuilding Phase

The main impact we will be witnessing in this Rebuilding Phase is “Getting the children of Nepal Back to School by Building Back Better and Stronger Schools”. In early 2016, Nepal Rises made a transition from its journey of relief and recovery to rebuilding hope of the destroyed communities. The rescue and rehabilitation efforts were not enough, more had to be done to bring back life to where it was before…even better…!!!

Whenever an emergency follows, children become one of the most victimized groups, the same happened following the earthquake. Thousands of children were left homeless and hopeless without proper school buildings to continue studies. The future of the country is at stake when we do not produce educated young minds capable of bringing change in the society. Hence, Nepal Rises initiated the Project Rebuilding Hope which would have a greater impact on a child’s life through peaceful and safe learning environments.

We have partnered with All Hands Volunteers to rebuild few Government Schools at Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk districts. These are areas hit hard by the disaster. Out of which, 5 schools has been completed and 2 other schools are in a process of completion. Most of the schools we are working with belong to weaker communities of rural Nepal. The reconstruction of new school buildings and the WASH facilities has resulted in a positive attitude among the community people, they see their children becoming educated and responsible citizens in the future who would definitely uplift them out of poverty. Another impact we are having is getting more enrollments and attendees at school which has boost up primary school education. The new school buildings outshines hopes for children and they seem t be more eager to learn in the safer environment.

Currently, Nepal Rises is working to rebuild Shree Surya Primary School in Nuwakot. It is a school which belongs to indigenous Tamang minorities of Nepal. We have chose to work with them with a goal to bring out positive impact within the community. We are building six permanent classrooms with WASH. As we started our project, we have noticed more children getting back to the classrooms (even though it is the TLC for now) and a sense of responsibility among the locals valuing education. The project will benefit more than 70 students at present and the village people throughout.

As more of the community, national and international staffs work together, we have witnessed a flow of cultural exchange among them. Learning as well as emotional ties has strengthen our relationship with people from all over the world.

Hope our work, in the long run, creates positive outcome in the children’s life, their family, the community and the country as a whole.