Recovery Phase

In the first few weeks we focused on emergency life saving rescue supplies. As the priorities and needs changed slowly, we had to extend our working area so as to provide help to more people and restore lives. As the monsoon was just on the door, there was an urgency to get survivors back to shelters and start classes in the TLC’s for the time being. Our focus was shifted to recovery where we helped built temporary learning centers and transitional homes in some of the affected areas.

During this phase of recovery, coordinating with national and international organizations we were able to provide materials for TLCs in 14 schools benefiting 1180 students in five affected districts, we helped retain 220 teachers at Sindhupalchowk by helping to build 22 shelters for them, provided solar lights to 18 SLC appearing students of Mahakali schools at Melamchi and distributed tripti water purification jars  to 136 households benefiting 1005 people towards safe drinking water.

As an impact, despite of classes running in the TLCs, more students started to show up in the classrooms which had reduced to the minimum when the permanent school structures got destroyed. Later, the students performances were also seen improving in such a harsh condition.

At the beginning of 2016, we worked to build 50 transitional earthquake resilient homes at Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk districts benefiting a total of 48 families. Life started to get better from worst with somehow safe shelters. We also helped in the demolition of 3 health posts in Rautbesi, Dhuwakot and Naubise villages.  This enabled the community to prepare to build new health posts which will secure healthy lives for them all.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our helping hands who have supported us to provide TLCs, materials for temporary shelters and water purification system to schools and communities. With all the love and support, we were able to have a positive impact to rehabilitate lives.