Relief Phase

Nepal Rises mobilized one of the largest volunteer groups for the rescue operation during the devastating Earthquake of April 2015 that struck Nepal. Starting right from the next day after the quake, using different channels we delivered life saving supplies to those in dire need. We made sure to track every delivery with GPS coordinated to prove our impact.

In such an effort, we benefited over 187, 000 people providing food, medicine, tarpaulins and water purification tablets during the first month. We were able to get together a total of 562 local and international volunteers who coordinated well towards the relief efforts. The whole relief campaign was operated 100% by volunteers saving lives in the hit hard zones.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following people/organization who helped us to cater people in need during our relief phase.

Brijendra R. Joshi
Casey Allred
Joe Hill
Rajeena Pradhan
Niva Shakya
Sambanddha Pradhan
Seven Summit Women
Shasank Shrestha
Smart Paani
Suman Shakya
Suyog Shrestha
Tyler McMahon

Also we would like to extend our gratitude to the Volunteers who worked relentlessly day and night to provide relief in people in need.

Asim Pradhannga
Bipul Raj Manandhar
Bijay K. Sharma
Deepa Rai  Sushil Shiwakoti
Enes Maharjan
Everest K.C.
Ikesh Maharjan
Lindsy Daniel
Mero Raja Pradhan
Nildari Pariel Rozani Singh
Pukar Rajbhandari
Puspa Khanal Saurav
Rocky Prajapati
Rubish Sajin Shakya
Rupa Maharjan
Sagar Chalise
Sayaestha Tuladhar
Suchita Shrestha
Sushil Shrestha
Sweachha Rajbhandari
Ujib Pradhan