High Hopes

Asmita, 10, hails from a village in Ramechhap, where her family had built a new house which was destroyed in the earthquake. Currently, she studies in class 6 at Adarsha School and lives in Bishalnagar, Kathmandu with her family in a few rooms at rent. She is one of the brightest and most active students in her class. She excels in studies and participates in many competitions.

Her mother and father work as tailors. She has two brothers who attend school and an elder sister who works at a bakery. She says they have an economically difficult situation at home, but she wants to work hard to be a teacher in her future. She thinks she will be able to achieve her dream and aim in life of being a teacher by being better than others and learning new things.

She loves to go to school and thinks of her school as an excellent one. She is satisfied with the school services and how it is helping her develop and improve her life. The school provides free lunch everyday as well as school uniform, books, stationery items, etc. once a year. As she is a student studying under a scholarship, so she doesn’t have to pay any money except examination fees. The teachers are very supportive and teach well. Her favorite subject is Science and says that she finds Mathematics difficult.

She participates in activities conducted at school like dance, singing, sports, etc. which happen every week on Fridays. She has also won many competitions held at the school. The school used to have computer classes for the students in the past for the previous batches, but she has not attended any till now as classes have been stopped due to computers not working well. The school also used to have library room and library classes but, as the building of the school has been destroyed during the earthquake, the TLCs don’t have enough rooms to make a library. So, library is also dysfunctional currently. She wishes that, in the future, the school building, toilet and library be better in her school.

She likes to play football in the school compound with her classmates and they do so regularly. Whereas, she likes to study when she is alone at school or home. She is interested in reading books. She has got a television at her home but there is no availability of channels. She likes Nepai movies on television, especially a movie named “Homework”, as she says it taught her the value of education.

IMG_1631aShe doesn’t know how to use computer as she has never gotten a chance. There is no computer classes at school and she doesn’t have one at home. Though, her family members have phones in which she likes to play Temple Run occasionally during holidays or weekends. Her sister and elder brother know how to use computer and she says she would like to learn how to use computer too. She thinks computers can be used to get information, news, learn new things and get extra knowledge more than that she gets from books. She thinks children should use both books and computers to learn. She might like to code games if taught in the future.

Help her and many other children like her to develop their skills and their dream for a brighter future. Though Nepal Rises was donated with 30 Raspberry-Pi systems to establish Knowledge Labs in three schools, we are still in need to construct the furnitures and buy monitors. It costs $70 for a monitor, $20 for a chair and $90 for a table and we need 30 of each. To help us in our endeavor of establishing knowledge labs in these schools, visit: www.nepalrises.com/donate or contact us.

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