Technology for Upgrading Education

Nepal Rises has been trying to help children of Nepal get better educational environment with new innovative projects. One of the work it has been undertaking currently is providing Kano kits to set up computer labs in government run schools in Kathmandu partnering with Kano, Orphan Gift and OLE Nepal.

Nepal Rises Enhancing Education with Technology

Nepal Rises has planned to set up computer labs in 3 schools by implementing 30 KANO computer systems donated by Kano, a company which produces Kano kits and other technologies, through, which is a charity passionate about helping children in marginalized situations working against trafficking and providing food, shelter, schools and education for children in need. OLE’s interactive learning courses will be taught from class 2 to 7 and scratch programming of Kano will be taught to classes 6 and 7 from these schools.

The objective of the project is to develop rational and analytical thinking in subjects the students study as well as scratch programming skills among the students by integrating technology in their classroom and giving them an opportunity to learn with interactive learning tools, develop their reasoning skills and memory retention. By this, we hope to enhance the quality of education in the government run schools in Nepal and provide the students with meaningful learning experience as most of the students who are enrolled in these schools are from marginalized family backgrounds. The children will get to find out and choose their career path in software development and coding when they grow up if they find the programming course interesting and suitable for them. Computer literacy will also be established among the students. Capacities of teachers to use technology to better their work will be developed as well.


The schools selected for setting up the lab through a selection process by Nepal Rises are:

  • Adarsha Lower Secondary School
  • Gyan Bikash School
  • Shree Sharada Higher Secondary School

Gyan Bikas School is located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu and has 150 students, among which, about 15 students are each class. Adarsha Lower Secondary School is in Naxal and has about 78 students currently enrolled. Whereas Sharada Higher Secondary School is located in Tilganga and has approximately 300 students, about 20 to 35 in every class.

These schools don’t have functioning computer classes but have computer literate teachers who can learn to use the systems and help the students. They also have computer as a subject in their curriculum for their studies. Physical infrastructure to make a computer classroom for the students and the possibility of accessibility of internet is present in all three of the schools as well.  The schools do not have proper furnitures to run computer classes so furnitures are also being prepared to be donated by Nepal Rises.

The students who attend these schools come from poor background. Many of the students work as domestic helpers and child labourers. Similarly, they do not have the ability to spend much money for good education.

What is Kano and why provide it to students?
Kano is a DIY computer kit designed for basic coding for beginners using Python and Javascript programming languages. People of all ages can use it to learn to assemble and make a computer, discover how it works, code themselves and build apps with the use of Kano kit. It inspires children from the age of 6 and everyone above to not  only be a consumer, but a creator of technology. The computer lets people draw, read books, make music, make and play games, and learn coding through each activity. To learn more, visit:

The children from the selected schools do not have many options to take up as a profession when they grow up. By this project, we aim to provide a few of these children, who find their capability in the field of programming, to realize their potential and dream to have a career in the field, a future they wouldn’t have dreamed otherwise. With this project, their programming and coding skills will develop and help them for their future by teaching them scratch programming. They’ll be able to compete with children all over the world, without constraints of resources.

IMG_1602aWhy is Nepal Rises partnering with OLE?

OLE Nepal is an organization working for interactive learning opportunities for the children of Nepal to reduce the disparity in access to quality education. They will be imparting training to teachers from all three of the schools. They will be providing with their two services in the schools: E-paath and E-pustakalaya.

E-Paath is an educational teaching software made by OLE Nepal with interactive learning modules for English, Mathematics and Science subjects, by which children learn through games and visuals. It is a tailored course which supplements their studies so that they do not lag behind other children from private schools, other geographical areas and stratus they belong to.

Likewise, E-Pustakalaya is free digital library which is aimed to develop reading habit among students with thousands of learning materials, videos, educational resources and books. Both of the tailored courses are according to the national curriculum of Nepal and will be provided to class 2 to class 7 students.

OLE’s interactive learning system teaches new things with the help of games and videos, which not only makes learning interesting and fun, but enhances memory retention too. It is hands-on and active learning opportunity.

Future Plans

To commence the project, teachers will be trained so that they will be able to teach according to the interactive curriculum of OLE Nepal as well as to teach students about scratch programming according to the Kano’s way of teaching scratch programming. These teachers have already been selected by Nepal Rises with the help of the School Management Committees and training will be started soon.

A staff of Nepal Rises will be appointed who will provide technical support to the schools and teachers to help the schools on long term basis and to keep on providing children with coding classes. The person will also get the training, help in maintenance and will work for monitoring the project.

30 KANO kits have already been brought to us by Måns Gårdfeldt from Orphan Gift. In upcoming days, Kano will be distributed to these schools and classes will begin very soon. To help us in our cause, please contact us or make a donation.

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