Journey so far with Shree Surya Primary School

Nearing 2 years since the earthquake of April 2015, Nepal is still at its recovery and rebuilding phase. The education system already facing so much socio-cultural hurdles, witnessed another drawback after the disaster with low enrollment and high absenteeism. As classes continued to run in the temporary learning shelters, Nepal Rises felt a need to extend its hand to the rebuilding of permanent school buildings for children especially of marginalized communities  so that they can have a sound learning environment and get a chance towards development. With this thought, Nepal Rises initiated the Project of “Rebuilding Hope” to ensure a brighter future for the children.

Earlier last year, after assessing different government schools, Nepal Rises chose to rebuild Shree Surya Primary School at Nuwakot district which was in dire need of a permanent school building.  Ever since then, the team has geared up to build safer learning buildings for the school.


  • To build 2 separate buildings with 3 classrooms each
  • To provide WASH facilities to the school

Lets update you all on how we have been working with the school.

Since the beginning of the project, Nepal rises has made full efforts to involve the School and Parents Committee in the Reconstruction Process to make them fully aware of how the works will be carried on. Operation from Government’s approval to planning the designs, materials and costings for the project were done by the team involving helping hands from well-wishers. Thus, a layout for 2 separate buildings having 3 classrooms each was designed but as the land where the old school building laid was not sufficient enough, the nearby land owner, Mr. Mahendra Tamang, was so considerate enough to donate his land to us believing it as an act of humanity.

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IMG_3346As the monsoon started, the gloomy rainy days delayed the work, but  with September, the project started taking pace. As  we are following a Volunteer- based Model for the project,  around the month of October, the team built temporary shelters to be used as a volunteer base by both national and international volunteers as well as staffs who chose to work with us.

If you are also interested to volunteer with us in a lively environment, you are heartily welcome to join our project. We encourage you to be a part of building a brighter future for children. Volunteer with us by writing an email at

We envisioned this project with a commitment to ensure community’s involvement and maintain transparency and accountability throughout the project. For this, we have formed a Procurement Committee which involves members from Nepal Rises, school and community we are working with. This initiation has really helped us to further strengthen our relationship with them.

We not only believe in building back but in building back better. To make sure that we build stronger resilient buildings, a soil-test survey was undertaken by the team involving Geo-engineers and experts to check the load bearing capacity of the soil. The survey brought us positive results. Nepal Rises was also involved in initiating the widening of the road from the main highway to the school premises. The road was narrow for any vehicle to pass by and we had to walk down a bumpy way for 10 minutes to reach the site. But now with the road expansion by the community and some maintenance from our side, it has become easier for us to take vehicles and carry the construction materials directly to the work site, saving time and energy.

 New Year….more works to do…

As the New Year begins, the works of clearing and leveling up the school area has started. It has been decided that some layers of the soil has to be scrapped off  in order to equalize the foundation but making sure that  the area will be safe from loose soil. This way, there will be enough space for the 2 buildings and a small playground.  The construction of the new school building will be started by early February as volunteers arrive to the base. We are excited with the work.

Future plans for Shree Surya Primary School 

Another thing observed was that there is a small stream on the way to the school which floods during monsoon. This makes it difficult for the children to cross over and reach their school area. With this knowledge, We have felt a need to build a small bridge  across the stream for these children. But there isn’t enough budget to achieve this plan.

We need your help for this Plan. Please donate to us, volunteer with us or spread our work among your friends and family. Your support in any way will boost up our courage to plan and work on something more challenging in the future.

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