Santa Comes in All Sizes

Early in the morning, we got a surprise call at Nepal Rises from parents of a 7 years old child who wanted to help people affected by earthquake. As a seven years old studying in grade 2, his wish was to help the children in need. And he chose to help by contributing the fund raised by him in rebuilding Shree Surya Primary School in Kakani.

Suyash Man Shrestha is a 7-year-old who lives in Colorado with his family. He studies in Stargate Charter School in Denver, Colorado. He recently finished his grade 2 and has graduated to grade 3.

When we first met Suyash, we were immediately very impressed with what he had achieved at such young age. Suyash appeared to be a small guy with quite a big heart. His mother recalls that he had always been a generous and a selfless kid.

He was in Grade 1 when he first heard about the Gorkha Earthquake that took place on 25th April 2015. Like most of the people abroad, Suyash’s family were worried about their family back in Nepal. Suyash slowly started understanding what was going on in Nepal after he’d done some research on the internet.

He came to a decision that he would bring attention to this catastrophe. He was the first kid to take an initiative in his classroom in creating awareness about what was happening in Nepal.  

Initially, he started using word document writing about the Earthquake and presenting it in his classroom. All his teachers and friends acknowledged his initiation and enthusiasm about the cause. Later, one of his teachers suggested him to start a fundraising event at a musical concert that was happening in the school.

Further, his teachers helped him by writing emails about the event to all the parents and the faculty of the school. All the parents, being very supportive, brought different types of food items to the event. Suyash and his friends together started selling those items in the concert. This is how he managed to raise $260 and donated it to Nepal Rises while he visited Nepal.
The funds will be used for one of Nepal’s Rises’ project “Rebuilding Shree Surya Secondary School” in Nuwakot.

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