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Prabesh, 13, is a student of class 6 at Shree Gyan Bikas School, Gyaneshwor. He comes from a village of Hiramunitar in Nuwakot and currently lives in Kathmandu as a domestic helper. He has a little experience of using computers and playing games on it, and he says he would love to learn to create computer games. But, he also believes that interactive learning in class might make him get lazy even if he got a chance.

His parents reside in the village and are involved in agriculture. Like him, his two elder brothers also live as domestic helpers in Kathmandu to get enrolled in schools as his parents do not have money to send them to schools. So, they have been sent to Kathmandu to earn as well as go to school in the hope of a better future. Similar is the case of most of his classmates who also work as domestic helpers.

He currently lives some minutes away from his school with a family of 5. He calls the people, whose house he works in, as his family and uses words “mom“ and “dad” to call them. The family is well-off, have high earning and the members are involved in different highly respected works.

His present home has many technologies like TV, camera, laptops, computer, phones and internet, but he does not use those because he thinks he will break them. He watches TV sometimes. Once in awhile, he uses computer to play football and occasionally he uses internet to learn about new things from Google and takes it as a good medium to learn new things.

They pay for his tuition fees and buy him books and stationary. They used to send him to another school which was better but more expensive, but they changed his schools as the previous school was a little far away. Nonetheless, he still likes his current school. The only thing he thinks that needs an improvement to make the school better is the school playground as there is no space. According to him, the teachers are good and he understands whatever is taught in the class. They don’t give too much homework and never punish.


He finds time to do household works as well as study. According to him, there isn’t much work pressure but he has to manage time during the mornings to complete all the work before going to school. During his free time, he likes to study and considers himself to be an average student of his class. Sometimes, on holidays, he meets his friends and likes to share feelings with them. He also sometimes plays football and cricket with them during holidays.

His favorite subject is Nepali and is interested to dance and sing during extracurricular activities, which happens monthly. His class is taken to the library twice a week, in which, according to him is enough books.

Similarly, he says that the school used to have basic computer classes for the students irregularly in the past where they used to be taught how to type, but has stopped since a few months due to the terrible condition of computers. He says computer classes and technologies are important as all people nowadays know how to use them and he wishes to use it in the future as well. He is hopeful to learn it in his school if he gets an opportunity.

To help students like him who do not have any chance to learn and use computers, to give them hope to work in the field of computers and learn coding and interactive courses, and to make their future a little brighter, donate to Nepal Rises. We have been trying to establish learning labs in government schools in Nepal for the less fortunate children. Please make a donation through

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