Life Changed after Earthquake

Dipshika, 10, studies in grade 3 in Shree Gyan Bikas School and says that she has used computers only thrice in her life and doesn’t know how using a computer and learning through it would feel. She is a petite little girl and has seen a lot of struggles in just a decade of her life.

She lives with her brother and sister-in-law in Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, while her house is in the village of Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk. Her parents were involved in agriculture before the earthquake, she used to live with them and attend school there. During the devastating Gorkha earthquake of 2015, she lost her mother as well as her house. Soon after, her father had another marriage. She has a younger sister who lives with them and goes to school in the village.

After that, she was sent to live with her brother’s family. Her brother is just 22 years old and works as a carpenter whereas, he has a wife who is 21 who does all the household chores. They live in a rented room in Kathmandu. Though there isn’t much space for three people to live , they have been adjusting to keep her with them.

Comparatively, she finds school and teachers better here than her village. She gets enough time to finish her homework and sometimes goes to play with her friends from school or who live near her home. She likes to play Chungi (a small ball made out of rubber bands which is played by using foot) and Skipping.

She has TV at her home and likes to watch serials occasionally. Her brother also has a phone in which she could play games, but doesn’t. She has never played games on phones too. She studies during her free time. IMG_1616a

Her favorite subject is Nepali and she finds Mathematics difficult. When asked if learning Maths through games would be better for her, she expressed that she would be nervous because she hasn’t used computers much and was doubtful if it would be difficult. She participates in extra-curricular activities like singing and dancing in school which occurs weekly. She wishes that the school playground was better.

According to her, her school used to have computer classes just after she joined, but now it is discontinued as the computers in the school weren’t in good condition . She got the chance to use computer twice in school and once at her friend’s house.

She believes computers can be used for studies and to play games. According to her, interactive learning would help her have better memory retention while learning but she might put less effort. She thinks it might be difficult to study from computers as she doesn’t have prior experience using it much. She wants to work hard from a young age so that she gets a good future.

Many children like her never get the chance to learn how to use a computer. That decreases their chances of having better job opportunities and future while compared to children from different class, strata, geographical region or country than her. To help children like them get equal opportunities for their good future, please help Nepal Rises on its project of establishing knowledge labs in their schools by donating at:

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