Hardships during Rebuilding of Shree Surya Primary School

Nepal Rises ascertained Shree Surya Primary School, located at Nuwakot, to be in need of permanent infrastructure for rebuilding it. The school had been severely affected by earthquake of 2015 and so was selected as they did not have the means and resources to rebuild it by themselves. It is a government-run school with about 75 students and 7 staffs.

They have been using Temporary Learning Centers made from bamboo, mud and CGI sheets as their classrooms since a month after the earthquake. The temporary structure wasn’t made to be used for such a long time, which has been in use for more than a year now. There isn’t even enough space to fit all the students as a classroom.

Monsoon is here and the TLC they are using does not protect them from the rain, muddy water and storms. The roof of the TLC is leaking water and the walls aren’t strong enough to hold of the rain and wind. It isn’t safe for them to be studying there and they are not getting a good learning environment. The children of the area are in dire need of the school building. Attendance rate has gone down drastically since the rainfall started.

Students are also facing problems coming to the school due to muddy roads and paths near the spring which they need to cross to reach the school. The stream acts as a water source which gets heavy water flow during the rainy season. Water from the stream gets collected to form a puddle and children face difficulties crossing it which causes low attendance. A small bridge is also needed to be built and might have to be made for the students in the future to reach the school after the school building is rebuilt.


Road-maps of rebuilding are being constructed presently to make school building according to the approved child friendly earthquake resistant designs from the Government of Nepal and other local bodies. Architectural assessment and planning is going on to build 6 classrooms, with proper drinking water and toilet facilities. The land area in which the school building previously was and the new building will be built in the future, is limited and not enough to have a building with 6 rooms and a playground for the children.

The existing building is over an elevated area without any retaining structures around. Firstly, the existing building must be demolished and the site must be excavated. Next, the slope must be reduced by digging a deep foundation and leveling the area. Leveling the area will also make the area broader towards the front which can be made into a playground. Subsequently, the surrounding slope area must have retaining walls installed so that the building will be safe from landslides and mudslides.

The soil of the area is also loose, in which a strong building cannot stand. The loose soil must be scraped off some feet deep so that the building has a strong foundation as the soil layer will be comparatively stronger below. Some serious plot development is needed to make the site and the building to be made in the future stronger and more stable.


In the future, the school will be built with community involvement and will use volunteer based model where national and international volunteers will come to help us during the rebuilding process.

All these additional procedures have made the current estimated budget exceed the previously estimated budget by $20,000. More fund will be required than the budget set apart for rebuilding of the school. Nepal Rises is partnering with All Hands Volunteers, Soarway Foundation and Effect International for the rebuilding.

School Reconstruction Committee has been formed in the school which includes members from Nepal Rises, Parents Committee and School Management Committee. Process for necessary approvals have been ongoing.

Please help us get the children back to their school and rebuild the school better by making it child friendly and earthquake resistant by donating via www.nepalrises.com/donate.

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